Two Ways To Cut A Mango


Listen, you aren’t going to catch me peeling a mango, ok? I use the “grid” when I need quick chunks, but my preferred method is the easiest, laziest way and how I eat my mangoes every morning of the season.

I cut the mango along the seed into two big sections and then flip it face side down and cut into long spears. To eat, I just stick it in my mouth and pull off the flesh - kind of like eating an artichoke.

Is it the classiest way to eat it? No. Is it the way I eat them every single day with iced coffee while I’m still half asleep? Yes.

Below, is a step by step for the grid method and my spear method:

Step 1: Cut along the seed.

How to cut a mango

Step 2 : Score the mango with a grid pattern, like a tic tac toe board. Try not to cut through the skin, but get to the edge of it.

The best way to slice a mango

Step 3: Turn it inside out.

Cutting a mango into squares
How to cut a mango to eat

Option 2 - the Spear Method aka The Lazy Way

Step 1: Cut along the seed.

Easy way to cut a mango

Step 2: Flip the flat side down and cut it into spears - basically long strips. Voila!

How to cut a mango if you’re lazy
Patricia Azze