Mango Wine Pairings, Why Not?

I texted a few wine-smart friends with a challenge - what would you pair with mango? Luckily, I have wine-smart friends because I most certainly am not wine smart. But I like a natural wine and I certainly can drink a lot of wine so if we’re doing a kind of mango mania thing here, it seemed like wine was a natural thing to include.

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I took my notes over to Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe in Coral Gables and asked Jeffrey Wolfe to match the recommendations with a few bottles from his store; the only natural wine shop in Miami and it’s luckily located right down the street from me (quick caveat that there is likely another wine shop that sells natural wine, but Wolfe’s has a reputation for the best selection and Jeffrey really knows his stuff). Here’s what he came up with and why:

Trapi Sparkling - Argentina - “A vibrant blend of Chardonnay and Riesling from Patagonia with lively bubbles that enhance the tropical nature of the fruit.”

Brand Reisling - Germany - “From the Brand Brothers who work naturally and this acts like a knife cutting through the meatiness of the succulent fruit.”

Jasnieres- France - “Dry Chenin Blanc from a small appellation in the Loire Valley, the fruit in the wine is a match for many of the fruit flavors found in the many varieties.”

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