The terraza is a place for eating outside, usually all year around, getting a little too drunk, hosting an impromptu dinner party for 20, trying that ambitious recipe you’ve been eyeing and recreating a meal from a sweet restaurant memory.

pairing stone crabs with cacio e pepe, finally roasting a whole fish, making ice cream fom scratch with the mangoes from your backyard.

i’m not a chef.

watch me make mistakes. overcomplicate things or assume something is easier than it is. forget to take something out of the oven and eventually get around to learning how to bbq by myself.

at home in miami, florida and stuffing my face on vacation. Maybe we’ll be drinking orange wine. maybe we’ll be drinking miller high life. maybe we’ll be drinking pina coladas.

let’s make party food in my new kitchen with my way too-big oven and give me a sec to show off my new terrazzo bathroom floors. Let’s usually not bake and buy dessert instead. let’s get lazy sometimes and just buy everything instead of cooking.

wanna sneak into people’s houses with me? Watch them cook and dig around their everything-drawer. let’s see what wine they serve on a weeknight.

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