Patricia has been working as a freelance brand consultant, blogger, ghostwriter and social media strategist. She considers her professional specialty “digital branding of place.” Her clients include cities, retail stores, real estate developments, museums and universities.

She has a background in children's theater, was in a girl pop group, and considers herself a professional intern (CHANEL, NYLON, WILHELMINA MODELS, GEN ART locally, THE GREEN AGENCY, BOOKS & BOOKS). Post-graduation she volunteered at an artist-in-residency non-profit on Martha's Vineyard (Vineyard Arts Project) when she was run over by an SUV.

Nowadays, she's obsessed with food and justifies all that eating and cooking by saying she's "working." Luckily, she found Common Threads, a non-profit focused on eliminating obesity by teaching children how to cook and she can channel some of her passion for food there as the vice-chair of the Miami board.

Follow her on instagram @pumpkinspicelatte and @THETERRAZA. Full portfolio and resume available. Just ask. editormiaminice@gmail.com

*This is written in 3rd person by Patricia, just to be clear.

More information on her professional career here

These photos are by Lucie Hugary.


Patricia Azze, nèe Guarch Wise, was born and raised in Miami. Patricia is an English-speaking Latina, a cultural mutt with Panamanian, Cuban, Lebanese, Spanish and British blood who likes paella, stone crabs, iced coffee, reality tv and paranormal activity, in no particular order.

Her original blog, MIAMI NICE, part of her thesis, where she thought about the future of Latino culture and building a lifestyle brand that better represented it. She concentrated in Image Construction and Representation at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study and her focus included trend-forecasting, magazine publication, cultural curation and non-fiction writing.

In July 2019, Patricia relaunched MIAMI NICE as The Terraza, this website. After years of exploring the city’s culture, with a focus on food, she decided to shift the focus entirely to eating, drinking and hanging out at her home in Miami.