Mango Mustard Recipe

Easy mango mustard recipe

make a mango puree by blending mango (take off the skin foold) until its a smooth, liquid consistency.

the ratio for the mango mustard was something like 3/1 but i think this is a matter of personal preference and everyone can taste as they go to sweeten it to your liking. no need for anything more formal than that.

I recommend a classic yellow mustard, not dijon which is my true love above all else, for this recipe.

Photos by Katie June Burton for The Terraza

This is an easy one, perfect for substituting a honey mustard - so while your carnivorous friends will love this fresh out of the pool or as a picadera before another meaty main, Iā€™m thinking you can get creative with this mango mustard and use it in a tuna salad or anywhere honey mustard is served. French fries with mango mustard, anyone?