Hot Dogs with Mango "Relish"

Easy mango “relish” for hotdogs

one mango, chopped

1/2 red pepper, finely chopped

cilantro, to taste, I like a lot

jalapeño, to taste, very finely chopped

sea salt

juice of one lime

ball park franks

potato roll hot dog buns

yellow mustard

Ok, this isn’t a relish, it’s a “relish.” The mango gives that bit of slime that relish has, and I mean that with all the love in my heart, but really this is a finely diced salsa topping. And listen, I love a good hot dog, ok? Especially if I’ve been swimming, I don’t know, it’s just - right.

If you’re going for a hot dog, go all the way with the classics: ballpark franks, potato buns, and yellow mustard (no, I don’t think ketchup would work here. And while I’m usually a dijon girl, this is a job for yellow mustard) but give it a fresh spin with the addition of this fresh mango salsa.

Make a big batch because it’ll keep overnight thanks to that lime juice and I’m pretty sure it would be great late-night with Hint of Lime chips and that last beer you don’t need.

Photos by Katie June Burton for The Terraza