byob omakase on calle ocho

byob and omakase are two words that make me real, real happy - when said in one after the other you can consider me over the moon; that’s why an impromptu mid-week reservation at Ahi Sushi for their 7:30 seating had me giddy all afternoon.

My dinner companions showed up with two huge bottles of sake for four people (at the six person restaurant), so I can’t tell you everything I ate because it’s all a blur of “oohs” and “ahhs” and “shit that’s goods". But it’s for the best that I don’t eat and tell in this case because part of the fun of omakase is the surprise of chef’s choice and it likely wouldn’t be worth knowing anyway as the menu is likely to have changed the very next day.

I can say, that it' seems like a tremendous hack that you can order delivery from this tiny, authentic and very tasty sushi spot, just a few block away from Ball & Chain in the heart of Little Havana.

Make a reservation at one of their four seatings, and, for your own sake, get the omakase and skip ordering off the menu. At $80 per person it’s not a cheap meal, but compared to other omakase experiences, in Miami and elsewhere, it’s a reasonable and fair price - fresh fish isn’t cheap.

Kampai friends, see you there.

1527 sw 8th street