an outdoor vegan spot on sw 43rd street and 122nd ave

aguacate sanctaury of love,” the name sounds exactly like what someone who is making a shipping container into a juice bar and vegan restaurant way out by Kendall Regional Hospital would come up with.

I’m always happy to see interesting concepts pop up in areas that are shown a little less love on the ever evolving Miami hotspot radar. Aguacate is the perfect example. Kendall and the surrounding area are by no means a food desert (I’m looking at you Hungry Bear) but it’s refreshing to see a health food concept take advantage of the extra land you can score in the area and serve fresh, healthy, delicious food to a population off Miami Beach.

And fresh, healthy and delicious it was - the Smooth Tantra, a simple and perfect combination of papaya, frozen banana and cinnamon was not too sweet and packed a nice punch from the cinnamon. I took home two vegan empanadas that made for a nice breakfast for the next two mornings. From what I gathered, the sandwiches were getting rave reviews, but it was the Sloppy Jack, a jackfruit based sloppy joe that peaked my attention for my next visit.

While you’re there visit the onsite farmer’s where I picked up turmeric and a bunch of vegetables for the week or take part in a meditation session - which I did not do, but maybe I would have if there had been one going on while I was there, who knows?

12100 SW 43rd St, Miami