marlins ballpark

incase you didn't know, the Marlins final season in Sun Life Stadium starts tomorrow. I know you'll miss being able to put your feet up at the ballgame (because no one else is there), but this new Marlins Ballpark is going to have more bells and whistles (or lasers and pelicans... thats right, read on) than most people realize. The fishtanks behind home plate are old news, but what many people don't know about is the $2.5 million home run feature. It's designed by artist Red Grooms, a multimedia artist who has been doing this kind of stuff for decades. Usually his sculptures are commentaries on urban life, but this moving home run feature is very Miami. It includes seagulls, pelicans, jumping rainbow marlins, and lasers when the Fish hit a home run. I am NOT kidding. Rainbow marlins! Or are the lasers crazier? Wait, pelicans?! That's right. This happens just behind center field, and just infront of the open air view of downtown Miami.

Don't forget this stadium has a roof too, and it'll be 75 degrees at game time for every single game. You'll never sweat at a Marlins game again, or suffer through a rain delay. Things are looking real nice for the Marlins, and even nicer for their fans.

Ballpark under construction, along with the official vehicle of Little Havana, a generic multi-toned 1980's pick-up truck.
Home plate, I think. Picture courtesy of the Florida Marlins.
Skyline in the background, that big cement tub looking thing is where the rainbow marlins and lasers will be. Picture courtesy of the Florida Marlins.
Working model of Marlins Ballpark at Ticket Headquarters (go take a tour!), complete with mini-jumbo-tron. Or is that just a tron? Mini-tron? (Megatrons little brother?) 
Roof open.
Roof closed. It'll take only 12 minutes in real life!