Melon, Mint, Feta & Cucumber Salad

It may be starting to cool down in other places but it’s still so hot in Miami that the mention of pumpkin spice latte makes me sweat. Ashley Stanzione, on half of the mad pizza genius couple behind stanzione87 and ash! pizza parlour at The Citadel Food Hall, invited me over while my kitchen is still under construction for a day of cooking together - the theme? food you still want to eat when it’s 10,000 degrees outside.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t call it “cooking.” None of the recipes you’ll find in this menu drop require much work at all. They’re more like recipe lists. Things you can throw together for a dinner party - or lunch party - held in the comfort of high-powered air conditioning if you know what’s right for you.

melon cucumber mint salad.JPG

Ashley brought this recipe to the table. I like it because not only did it taste fresh, amazing, salty, sweet and herby - what more could you ask for?! - it’s basically a dish that takes like five minutes to cut up and mix together.

melon feta salad.JPG

Here’s what’s in it:

Persian Cucumbers (cut into chunks on a diagonal)

CASABA MELON (or any sweet, ripe melon. Maybe honeydew?)(cut into chunks)

Olive Oil

Feta Cheese (the best quality you can find, broken up using your fingers)

melon feta cucumber salad.JPG

Mint (cut into thin strips)

salt and pepper