should moroccan breakfast be a new miami staple?



moroccan breakfast includes flan, so the answer is yes. But, beyond that stunning fact - I know you have to sit with it for a minute or two and rethink your lifetime of breakfasts - the fruit-centric breakfast is a must for the impending summer in Miami. 

During the months of May - September Miami goes into a kind of reverse hibernation (or maybe it's just hibernation?) where we shelter into our comfortable abodes and avoid the heat. So long are the days of Googling where to eat breakfast outside during the winter months (hello, Le Pain Quotidien in Coconut Grove, you were a lovely addition this season). 

A trip to Morocco a few summer ago revealed the perfect breakfast spread was being grossly overlooked as the perfect answer to weekend mornings in Miami's hot(ter) season. This weekend, I paid tribute to the Moroccan breakfast served by my Tangier bed and breakfast, Dar Nour, and put out a spread of soft-boiled eggs, mango, strawberries, banana, kiwi, crumpets (bought from my trust Trader Joes) served with ricotta, butter and fig jam as toppings. I didn't have any mint, so this time I skipped it, but if you're planning a breakfast be sure to include a sugary mint tea AND DON'T FORGET THE FLAN. 

Here's a recipe for Moroccan pancakes that looks delicious.