five nice middle eastern restaurants in miami



The Original Daily Bread Marketplace 

2400 SW 27th Street 

Most certainly the OG on this list, The Original Daily Bread is a one stop shop for restocking your pantry and filling up your freezer with go-tos like kibbeh kisses, spinach and meat pies, labneh, baklava and fresh pita. While you're there you might as well grab a table and have a shwarma platter. 


223 Valencia Avenue, Coral Gables 

If you're looking for a Coral Gables restaurant that won't leave you feeling like you need to go to sleep directly after (either because that pasta was a stomach bomb or because the vibe was too quiet and slowed you down), this is your spot. Order some wine, raw kibbeh (my personal favorite) and get ready to get pulled out of your seat to join in the belly dancing show. 


1545 Collins Ave

Far and away the nicest restaurant on this list by price tag, Byblos is a trendy new restaurant on South Beach that won't leave you feeling like you got ripped off after. The high-style design, creative cocktail list and perfectly executed dishes served mezze style, are worth every penny. The seriously pricey cold tea service might not be worth the money (can't say, I couldn't bring myself to shell the $35) but the duck kibbeh was so nice we ordered two. Get the gem lettuce, a surprisingly robust salad portion that perfectly cuts the richer dishes. 

Khoury's Mediterranean Restaurant 

5887 SW 73rd Street, South Miami 

A neighborhood spot that toes the line between a family restaurant and a dive. Smoke some hookah, order your favorites like falafel, grape leaves, hummus and maybe throw in some chicken wings for the less adventurous eaters in your party. 

Kibbeh Palace 

2926 Coral Way 

This husband and wife run food truck popped up recently on Coral Way and it's already found a lunch crowd of devotees. For homestyle food, that's always fresh - if they can't find the fresh ingredients they need, they won't serve it - Kibbeh Palace should be your go-to.