new york is friendswithyou

miami's FriendsWithYou, a local multidisciplinary art collective and creative studio with a mission to spread Magic, Luck and Friendship around the world (need to read that one more time? I did.), has taken their token characters, a staple around the Basel scene etc, to New York for the opening of the second part of the Highline Park.

Miami people love to travel to New York during the summer, when the concrete jungle is just as hot as it is here and all the real New Yorkers have fled, but the Highline is an authentically New York experience worth visiting if you're planning a trip. The Highline is a former railroad turned park that runs down the west side of the city with New Jersey and the river on one side and the cityscape on the other. The first phase of the Highline stretched about twenty blocks of design and greenery. The second phase opens this week, expanding the Highline even further up the side of the city and celebrated by an installation of fourty of FriendsWithYou's giant inflatable sculptures.

If you make it to the city this summer take an afternoon to walk the Highline starting from the uptown entrance and make your way down to the Standard Beirgarten (is that really German for beer garden?) under the railroad or the Standard Grill (and get the John Daly a $45 bowl of sweet deliciousness that will have you tripping over yourself by the time your hailing a taxi- oh, and totally forgoing the subway), part of the sister Standard chain in Miami for an afternoon of Miami by way of New York.

image via nymag