wish list


(warning: I'm on a major fashion writing binge- so unless one of my other contributors steps up and puts a stop to it/contributes some stuff for me to post- buckle your seat belts kids because I'm in the mood to preach about what I think Miami should dress like.)

last time I made a wish for a retail store to open in Miami it actually came true. Remember when Lanvin for H&M came out and I complained on here? Well, there's an imminent opening for Lincoln Road fall 2012 (almost wrote 2010, isn't it weird when that happens?)- so I thought I should wish for a Madewell.

While there's a Madewell, J Crew's younger, but profoundly cooler sister all across Cali and even in Georgia, we're yet to have one here in the m-i-yayo and that is totally silly to me.  The Madewell look screams - wear me in the 305. See for yourselves: