cinco de drunko

cinco de Mayo is a silly "holiday" but everyone likes to drink and everyone likes Mexican food, so why the hell not like Cinco de Mayo? Plus, after this we're in a holiday drought until the 4th of July (hm... another number name holiday) so might as well go out with a bang- or a tequila shot.

Here are a few ideas for where to get your Cinco de Drunko on:

Performing Arts Exchange's Cinco de Electro. This might be a good time to check out PAX, a new coffee house and performing arts center (that we'll surely have to investigate in a little more detail- look out for that) who's already billing big local names like Brendan O'Hara and the Big Bounce, Spam All Stars and a screening of Billy Corben's Square Grouper.

Cinco de Electro
PAX presents a cultural shift in space time
as we manifest the revolution of the future
with a cosmic uprising of love and understanding.
337 SW 8th Street 
The design snob in me feels like it's worth mentioning that Bouggies always has the worst looking flyers. Really bad. The party girl in me feels like its worth mentioning that ArtOfficial and Jahfe are playing, they'll have margaritas, and Bouggies is really happy to be having a Cinco de Mayo party with the New Times after a two year hiatus.