bed racing! rise and race sleeyhead.

coconut grove: this labour day weekend (sunday, september 5th) is the annual great grove bed race in coconut grove.

what is this bed racing one may ask? well its pretty self-explanatory... actual beds racing.  for $50 one can enter their bed with a small team to race with and participate in a pajama party! it makes for great comfy company sponsorship. the race is meant to raise awareness and money for the alonzo mourning charities and the U (univ of miami... duh).

so if you see some beds rolling around town, do not fret, you are not dreaming, nor hallucinating- its the grove's labor day weekend reality. pretty fun and definitely entertaining.

here are some photos of previous bed racing:

calling all couch potatoes:

just because you sit on your couch all day watching tv and reading this blog doesn't mean you cant go out and get tipsy on a saturday night. as part of the great grove bed race event, this saturday night is the grove's pajama pub crawl. the time has come for you flannel loving lazies to get some ;)

for more information:

bed racing... mad character.