duffy's, where the elite meet to eat (i guess that means me)

i seriously feel guilty to not have written up Duffy's on here, but the truth is that I always assume everyone grew up there just like I did. I started going to Duffy's after my long afternoons at the Coral Gables Youth Center and then found myself there in my college years for their great after 11 happy hour.
If you're at Duffy's and you see a guy in funky pants (army print, red peppers, etc.) say hi, that's Wayne- and be sure you tell him your read about it on miami nice. Then, you should order some food, because it is after all where the elite meet to eat. You'll hear that the burger is the way to go, and boy are those good, but my order of choice is the fish sandwich. So. Good.

Back in the day, I used to have to go home and be sure to wash my hair because it would have smelled like cigarettes from today till forever, but nowadays Florida is less fun and Duffy's is even more fun.

On the right is the man with the funky pants himself Wayne and his son... also Wayne. You'll never meet nicer people. Be sure to say hey.