hail to san lazaro


...not that San Lazaro silly. Lazaro Hernandez (the most Miami name) is one half of the design duo behind Proenza Schouler (the name that any fashion girl has read a million times, but maybe still doesn't know how to pronounce). Proenza Schouler has had a presence in the fashion world for a while, but it's news to me that he's originally from Miami- this is great because it gives me the perfect excuse to post a bunch of pictures from their Spring 2010 runway show (I have a compulsive habit of saving pictures on my computer, so this is like a purge). 

I wish that every girl in Miami (well, maybe not every) could find a way to translate this colorful, beach-chic look that reads sophisticated and smart but still fun. 
I want to throw a Proenza 2010 themed party so I can see a whole room that looks like this (somebody, shut me up already). 
But, as it goes in fashion, 2010 is already so last year and their 2011 resort wear has already come out so I'll share a few of those for some more inspiration (I've tried to pick things that are not just the best pieces in the collection, but that are wearable in under the unusual circumstances of living in the 305): 
this look screams "take me from day to night in a jiffy" (although you'd need a pretty raw day job for this to be totally appropriate) 
now we're talking. sweater tied around the waist? standard. most of the time when you go out here with a cardigan or jacket it's too hot to wear it the whole time. Don't be scared to tie a colorful cardigan around your waist, it's no longer "so Full House." 
for some reason I can really see almost any well-dressed Miami girl really pulling off this look. Infact, it looks to me like if you go to your closet with some new eyes you may already be able to put a look that feels like this one. 
every once in a while you actually do need a jacket (although it's hard to remember on days as hot as these), use a bright accessory to make the outfit still feel tropical and fresh. 
i guess I have to post a picture of a bustier, right? 
sometimes, going green is hard, but this giant bag makes it easy.
Thanks Lazaro, for designing for a real girl you can find in your hometown.