the Getback gets back

Jose Flores, front-man of The Getback of "Miami, Cuba, Florida, USA" talks to miami nice:

flores and Gonzalez

Who, What, and Why are The Getback?
We are 4 best friends anyone could ever have, we've been together for 12 years, we are like brothers and we can't bear to stay away from each other for too long.

What are The
Getbacks getting back from? when was the last time you guys played a show together?

Our drummer, Juan, lives in Brooklyn now; whenever he's in town I scramble and get a show booked for us; the last time we played together was June 2008 with Mudhoney, at churchill's.

You call your sound "punk with a heavy dose of rock-n-roll." Anything you want to add to that?

We play simple, loud, catchy music; we'd rather have a crowd singing along at the top of their lungs than blow people away with intense instrumentation.

What do you think is happening on the Miami, Cuba punk scene? We all know they don't play punk on Power 96, or Y-100 (but they don't really play much of anything good on those stations). Where could someone find some good, loud punk music in Miami? Is there an underground society they have to join or is it easier than that?

Punk has always been about playing exactly what you want and making things happen for yourself, with limited tools; historically punk bands don't get much radio play, and as far as Miami is concerned all the amazing bands that have come out of this town, usually don't get recognized until decades later, bands like the Eat and Charlie Pickett have been incredibly influential but I'm sure they've made very little cash off of music. Churchill's has always been the home of Miami punk rock; anyone that wants to can jump in.

Getback has 69,427 fans on Myspace Music. Do you have, like a lot of cousins or something?

We're really awesome and famous, we invented myspace.

vintage Getback poster from 1999.

Can you tell miami nice a little bit about Sweat Records and what goes on there?

Sweat is amazing. Lolo and Jason do so much for the community; free shows, free movies, free arts n crafts, and they have so much good vinyl for sale. You need to go to there!

Are there any other local acts that you think our readers should checkout?

Jacuzzi Boys, Beings, Shotgun Fungus

You announced in March that your project of a few years Jose El Rey was going into retirement.
miami nice is all about being able to laugh at Miami and love it at the same time. Are you going to tackle the important subjects of San Lazaro candles, Ironber, and quinceneras? Is this your new heart and soul project? or just something for fun? Do you have other stuff on the burners?

The point of music and performing is to have fun, I think I'll always do that, I love writing and making people listen to my music
As far as Jose
el Rey, I hope somebody fills the void I accidentally used to fill as Jose El Rey; Miami needs a guardian angel to make sure they party and eat sanguichitos. If someone wants to fill in his white fancy shoes, I'll sell them all the frilly clothes, and teach them how to jump as high and strong as I did.

Anything you want to get off your chest?

I wanna get my Taz and Tweety tattoos surgically removed.

jam out with The Getback on June 26 at Sweat Records (5505 ne 2nd ave) and "this show is starting on time. and that time is 8 o'clock." The first 100 guests get in free to the after-party at the Electric Pickle. 
The Getback's new music video:
Here's the New Times article that went up this morning. 
Here's the link to the event page on facebook.